two tone boyfriend jeans

We just saw Rita Ora wearing a pair of two-toned boyfriend jeans a couple of days ago, and here she is spotted again, arriving in Paris, wearing the same kind of jeans, albeit in exactly the opposite wash. Instead of the darker wash, the jeans this time are in a lighter blue denim with the darker denim at the waist and part of the hips. Also, the cuffs this time do not feature any embroidery as opposed to the other pair.

Now here is my question, would you actually buy the exact same jeans just in a different combo? I guess, not, but I am sure that the brand sent them to Rita – after all, what better marketing for a brand than having a celebrity wear their product!

As for me, generally spoken, I have found that if a pair of jeans is eye-catching and very noticeable, I would just prefer to wear one version of it. On the other hand, I have no problem at all in wearing the same style of jeans in many different washes. Like I do have a whole vintage Levi’s 501 collection. The jeans, of course, are all the same style, but the washes are all different. What is your take on this?

You can buy two-tone jeans from CLOSED, PAPER London, and Roberto Rodriguez.

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  1. She looks great. Except, why can’t she carry her umbrella?

    I think the 2 styles of jeans are different enough. I like this one better than the other. Not a fan of her shoes. If I was a denim maker, I would certainly send her jeans.

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