cropped leather pants

Taylor Hill, who is the newest spokesperson and model for Joe’s, was attending the Joe’s Jeans cocktail party inย  London.

She was – of course – wearing a pair of Joe’s black high-waisted leather pants which she teamed with a very fashionable fishnet top and a cropped distressed denim jacket. This fishnet top has extra long sleeves with a thumb-hole -not sure how long until these actually rip ๐Ÿ˜‰

The black leather pants are the Charlie High Rise skinny Leather jeans, made of soft lambskin, fashionably cropped in an ankle length.

You can also shop for skinny leather pants at Nordstrom. And you can buy fishnet tops to wear with your leather pants or jeans from ASOS, H&M, and SAKS.

skinny leather pants


  1. She is adorable, even in this very hard to wear outfit. The top looks flawless. I love the thumb holes. Love the jacket.

    The jeans make her look chunky. And super insensitive. If she met a lamb, I doubt she would harm it. I think most people would pet, cuddle and protect a lamb. But she is wearing the skin of a slaughtered lamb.

    Happily, the faux leather jeans from Blanc NYC seem to always look better than leather jeans, and with the money saved, one could buy a month’s worth of organic vegan groceries or make a generous donation to PETA.

  2. We have to respect everybody’s freedom of choice and not try to convince anyone of our own ideas and opinions ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. She looks amazingly gorgeous and beautiful in those leather pants she’s stunning in everything that she has on. Flawless ???

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