stretch jeans

We have asked Brazilian mega denim manufacturer, Vicunha, for some advice about sliding down jeans and here is what they tell us:

“To stop jeans sliding down there has to be a combination of a good fit and a good fabric.

What is important in the fabric is that it not only has stretch but good recovery, meaning that it snaps straight back into shape. Technological advancements have provided us with the technology to provide fabrics that do just this, our perfect fit range provides science, advanced technology and fashion options, these fabrics are ultra soft and you can feel them move with you. Of course the bi stretch phenomenon offers you stretch in both the warp and the weft of the fabric, so the fabric stretches in both directions making knee bending possible without tugging fabric down from your thigh. Bi Stretch has now become very important, we offer it in both denim and colored fabric options.”

I really like this “snaps straight back into shape” idea. This is – in my opinion – what it’s all about. The jeans have to “move with your body” and not against your body, like it’s the case with most jeans that tend to slide with any kind of movement.


  1. Love this picture.

    I think jeans stay up best when there is no resistance to movement either because they are loose enough or there is optimum stretch in every direction.

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