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Brazilian denim specialist VICUNHA TEXTIL draws its inspiration for the new trends from the most diverse of sources. They have reinterpreted references to bygone eras using both technological advances and social change to influence their designs. Often, to achieve a better future, it is necessary to look to the past, especially when it comes to social influences and ecological sustainability. The defining factor for the denim summer of 2018 is the pluralism, which connects the most different styles, looks and influences.

VICUNHA has clustered the trends into four main themes and is presenting a mix of references which reflect the diverse influences of contemporary and bold interpretations. In Open Sea, the ocean is used as a mirror on the humanitarian condition. Ecological topics provide food for thought in Bio Society where the youthful energy of the new generation is having a strong influence on fashion.

Buzzy Disrupt gives an insight into a pastel-colored private world that is bringing more carefree individuality and humor into our everyday lives. We will tell you more about this trend soon here @Denimology.

And Z Nation brings to light the appeal of a new reality that is emerging from the virtual world in which sport and technology dominate. Z- Nation speaks to us all, as it is about the millennium generation and their every-day-life needs.


Today’s youth is no longer defined by fear, uncertainty and doubt. Born into the digital network, they are connected with the world. But this new freedom demands high-performance, technologically sophisticated and innovative fabrics that meet the needs of their lifestyle. Music, sport and interactive games – on- or off-line – are part of their reality, while interacting, sharing and posting are part of their everyday lives.

It falls upon fashion to translate these elements. The urban and online lifestyles intersect here, against the backdrop of a constant flood of information. Increasingly technological fabrics are part of this trend where modern looks with light coatings contribute to functionality. Features like breathability and a high stretch factor promise comfort and freedom of movement and even more mobility.

The new denims have evolved from the synergies between technology and well-being. The main feature of the high-performance fabrics is the differential dye, which results in excellent washes, flexibility and high elasticity. The dyes, along with soft-to-the-touch high stretch fabrics and perfect recovery properties are all essential elements when it comes to the shaping styles. Additional athleisure-style silhouettes form the basis of new constructions that combine a denim look on the outside with the feel of sweatshirt comfort.

The collection highlights different fabric weightings, from lightweight to high performance heavyweight garments that adapt to climatic changes and always keep the skin cool and dry. Contrasting textures and small flecks, achieved by acid washing and marbling, give a retro-futuristic appearance to the surfaces.

You can read more about Vicunha’s trend predictions for S/S ’18 here.


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