dark blue jeans

Once again Bella Hadid proves that she is a total matchy-matchy addict! This time she wore aΒ  vintage-inspired denim outfit paired with a red handbag and red matching Mary Jane’s. Will somebody please tell her/her stylist that matching colored handbags and shoes are so last century!

But otherwise, apart from her attention “craving” transparent bodysuit from Danielle Guizio, her denim is super hot. Both, the jacket and the jeans are by Lorod, highlighting the form-flattering benefits of precise tailoring.

The dark blue hi rise jeans feature an exposed zipper and a wider cuff hem and are reminding me of some Marilyn Monroe images in terms of how snug they fit Bella, like gloves! And, sure enough, the matching denim jacket, in the same wash and with the same white contrast stitching is a perfect – match!!

Now, about those shoes, they’re from Alyx and certainly not your plain Mary Jane’s, The square toe and sculptural heel gives them a sense of structure. But the real standout detail is the open back, which reminds me more of a mule than a Mary Jane.

You can buy similar dark wash jeans in a high rise from Calvin Klein, BLANKNYC, J Brand, Parker Smith.

double denim


  1. This is a very unflattering outfit and I bet she suffered when she sat down in the cab. If you want to wear skin tight rigid jeans that look good until the shape is destroyed by the struggle to move and sit, get the Rag & Bone Lou skinny in one size too small. The tailoring and back pockets are brilliant. Of course wearing skin tight rigid denim is anything but brilliant.

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