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Long Tall Sally’s new jeans campaign highlights their genius height-Friendly denim features!

Shopping for jeans is a pain. Shopping for jeans when you’re a tall girl is a nightmare. OK, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but as any tall girl can attest to, jeans often just don’t fit right when you’ve got legs for days. But there’s one retailer that’s thought of pretty much everything when it comes to tall-girl struggles: Long Tall Sally’s new denim campaign is reminding sky-high ladies everywhere that their jeans are more than just longer inseams.

The campaign features six uniquely tall ladies, ranging from 5’10” to 6’1”, sizes 6 to 12, and ages 19 to 57. Each chose their favorite pair from Long Tall Sally’s denim collection and rocked the ones they loved the most. And there are a ton to choose from: The brand has 11 different denim styles, three inseam lengths (going up to a 38”), 10 washes, seven leg shapes, and three rises.

But when it comes to truly tall-girl friendly jeans, it’s all in the details. Among them? Knee positions that are perfectly proportioned and adjusted to the leg length, waistbands positioned specifically for taller figures, larger hem openings for bigger feet (since height and shoe size often go hand-in-hand), rises for longer torsos, and even pockets designed for bigger hands. Seriously.

And if you don’t love any of their styles, check out some other options for tall ladies: Frame Forever Karlie Tall Skinny Jeans, Rag & Bone Tall Skinny, G-Star Mid Straight Tall, DL1961 Danny Supermodel Skinny Jeans, and American Eagle Outfitters has an option for extra-long inseams for most jeans.

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  1. Not every tall woman is this big. Where are the jeans for the tall girls at yoga or dance class or on the water polo team?

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