shredded jeans

Dedicated, boundary-pushing, and relentlessly in pursuit of greatness, Mert Alas and Gigi Hadid represent the fashion world at its very best. The creative powerhouses joined forces for a shoot with The Daily Front. And we love that Gigi wore a pair of extremely trashed and shredded jeans for this occasion. Ripped denim at its best – sometimes LOL!

This is certainly not a pair of jeans you would want to wear all the time, but it’s for sure a statement pair when you want to call some special attention.

Jeans like this don’t come ready-made, so take your scissors, razor blades and whatever it takes and create your own.

Check out some insanely ripped jeans as a good start for your mission here and DIY!

trashed jeans


  1. These are a fine alternative to a pair of cutoffs on a hot day and might be moderate camouflage for those that don’t quite look great in cut offs. They look comfortable and soft. The trend is too old to make a statement. In hot weather, this type of jean is probably going to be with us for years. The heels make the outfit look contrived and uncomfortable.

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