long denim shorts

Spotted out in New York, Gigi Hadid demonstrated her styling acumen in spades. She shrugged off the one-shoulder-jacket look in favor of a polished spin on grunge style, cleverly amped up thanks to a few classic all-American staples. Her tartan-and-lace duster jacket was offset with a simple, sporty Tommy Hilfiger tank top and bermuda denims.

Grounding the look were flesh-toned knit Tony Bianco Diddy Ankle Boots, an elegant finishing touch that made her legs seem even longer.

After two collaborations with Tommy Hilfiger, it’s no surprise that Gigi was spotted sporting pieces by the American heritage brand.

Gigi is one more celebrity adopting the longer shorts, or as she dose here, bermudas. As I said yesterday – this trend is HOT!

You can shop for Tommy Hilfiger items here. And you can catch the bermuda trend before everybody does, check out some rad styles here and here.

BTW: Gigi here is wearing a pair of Good American bermudas.

jeans bermudas


  1. The length of the shorts is great. The jeans don’t need to bunch up like that. I like the boots, and already purchased the Zara equivalent. The outfit would look fantastic minus the cleavage.

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