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ICONS is a new denim brand from Los Angeles that I have had my eyes on for a couple of seasons now. Jamie Haller, who is also the creative director of NSF, is also one of the founders of this brand together with Nick Friedberg.

I have checked out their collection at Barney’s and really loved what I saw: super cool vintage, including real denim, no stretchy athleisurewear twill, and do spandex here! They are focused on vintage denim and surplus, refurbishing and re-sewing used and recycled jeans and jackets, among other equally cool vintage items.

I asked Jamie about the essence of this new brand, of which – I am sure – we will be seeing a lot in the next seasons:

“Icons is about a gender neutral collection of curated and iconic vintage pieces. Icons is authentic vintage that aims to preserve and celebrate the original character within each lovingly salvaged garment. The collection is created in Limited Edition, as each vintage piece is hand selected by Jamie and Nick. Meaning – no mass production here, you get a truly unique item when you buy one of their items.

Each piece is authentic vintage and not reconstructed. Each has an authentic history, unique characteristics and a similar appearance to the photo. Each piece is salvaged, repaired as needed, an hand stamped with the ICONS signature star print. Each piece was hand chosen by us.”

And knowing Jamie, even if it’s only from a couple of denim talks we have had in the past, I can only tell you that she is as dedicated an thorough a denim head as, even young as she is, many old-time denim icons out there. I remember being very impressed by her vast knowledge of all things related to denim, and I hope I will have many more opportunities to exchange ideas with here.

Meantime, check out a few of her pieces in this lookbook, or at Barney’s and on their website.

“Sourcing vintage requires a certain patience. We’re basically volunteering to do the dirty work for you.” -Jamie

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