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Last month’s issue of Madame Figaro featured Jessica Alba and I hadn’t realized how adorable she looked in her Ralph Lauren denim, until I had a chance to read this magazine during my get-away this past weekend. So I decided to post anyway, even though I usually like to be “ahead” of the game and not when it’s a done deal already SIGH!

But she looks so cute in this cropped denim jacket with the low rise jeans

In the image above she is wearing the Ralph Lauren Perry Denim Trucker Jacket ($950), and below, the Denim Western Shirt ($750).

You can also buy a similar denim shirt from Topshop, and a cropped denim jacket, just as cute, but way le$$ from Buffalo.

denim shirts


  1. The wash on these pieces is way too faux. The clothes are carefully placed just for the picture. There is no way to know how they fit or hang in real life. The combination of a cropped denim jacket and low rise jeans would be pretty unflattering on most people if viewed from the side or the back.

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