Malia Obama shows us that even being an ex-first daughter, you can dare to wear (or NOT to wear)!

She was spotted out on a warm pre-summer day in New York City clad – in what seems to be – only an oversized denim shirt and her beloved beaten up black Converse sneakers.

It’s ok to wear just an oversized shirt outside of your home as long as you are only planning on standing up and/or walking, cause when you do more than that you’ better wear some shorts underneath! Like what if your metro-card falls on the floor and you have to bend to pick it up! 😉

At any rate, we love wearing oversized denim shirts, especially right now, when it’s already too warm for a heavy jacket, but not warm enough to go “sans”. I prefer to buy men’s denim shirts to get the “oversized” right! You can buy them at ASOS, GAP has some very reasonably priced and super cool ones, and my favorite shirt is the Calvin Klein Jeans Men’s Basic Denim Shirt, super soft, buy a bigger size, it looks really cool paired with short shorts or – anything – !

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  1. I would be willing to bet she had shorts on underneath. I usually wear my hot yoga shorts when I wear a shirt dress on a hot day. They don’t add bulk or heat. Unless it’s 90+ degrees out, a longer dress would be more flattering for her.

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