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NSF has been on my radar ever since they started about five or six years ago. Their denim was always kind of “different”, outside of the box, concentrated on rigid and rather more “stark” styles, like their trademark boyfriend jean, the Beck, which continues until today and is just as sick and [email protected] as it was in the beginning. A true stolen-from-your-boyfriend jean, if there ever was one!

Jamie Haller, their creative director – whom I have met several times – has that certain feel when it comes to denim, that truly identifies her as a real denim head. Her core collection, which she maintains until today, are the rigid slouchy boy-fit jeans in destructed and distressed washes, with patches, or with paint splatters… well, jeans that truly look like having been your well loved and favorite pair for ages.

And, of course, Jamie has not stopped there. Nowadays, NSF is a lifestyle brand with a lot of fun and super cute styles that go beyond just denim, like frilly and feminine chambray dresses and tops. Check out their newest S/S ’17 lookbook here, just to get the idea.

If you want to shop for the core line, then Barney’s is your place to go. For a more complete collection, check out Revolve, Shopbop, and Forward.

Jamie Haller has also recently launched a new vintage denim brand, ICONS. Stay tuned for more info coming up here soon.


  1. I was curious about the white wide leg jeans, partially shown above. If you have more pix or info please post. I like the cut of the beck jean but I would not wear the faux wash.

    • Sorry gaia – I am aware of your distaste and horror of fake washes and I totally feel you in this point. But there is no fake fading or anything artificial in the Beck jeans. They are actually the most “natural” looking washes, equal to the “real worn in” vintage jeans, like old Levi’s or Lee’s.

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