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REPLAY High Waist Skinny Fit Touch Jeans in Military Green Review

REPLAY High Waist Skinny Fit Touch Jeans in Military Green Review

Sun’s-out, flowers a-blooming, and spring and all its glory is here! With Spring in full gear, we have all just about purchased those pretty floral printed or embroidered tops, shoes, and accessories that will – no doubt – be key trending items for this season.

And what better way to pair them with, than with this REPLAY High Waist Skinny Fit Touch Jeans in Military Green Review – in newly added SPRING COLORS! That’s right, a dose of color is just what we needed.  Though I don’t tend to step away from the comfort of my rigid, dark, and abused blues, I do have a soft spot for “soft” stuff, especially if it comes in really pretty colors!  And with temperatures in the high 70’s here in LA, it’s been tempting to step into something a little more lightweight and comfortable. Besides, as Replay would say, “To be sexy and at ease at the same time” is never a bad thing. So, cue that sad little song playing in the background and play something a little more upbeat…something you can dance to! Because this Replay High Waist Skinny Fit Touch Jeans in Military Green Review would have it no other way.

With a repertoire dating back to 1981, this Italian-based brand is infamous for their sexy, rebellious, statement making jeans. They’ve been very busy since their conceptual birth, accomplishing such feats as becoming one of the leading international companies in the denim industry,  operating a bazillion brick and mortars in practically all of Europe and the Middle East; and distribution throughout our stomping grounds, the “U-S-of-A.” Now, before I start sounding like an infomercial here, I’d highly recommend you see for yourself, REPLAY has some incredible history, and its worth a click here.

So, my denim lovers, let’s talk about what sets this Replay High Waist Skinny Fit Touch Jeans in Military Green Review apart “in this day and age” of “Stretch Denim”. We women do more, move more, therefore expect more and our denim has got to “work” for us. Function is truly key, and a lot of times I feel that there are still companies out there that sacrifice style in the name of comfort. However, REPLAY reminds us why they are at the top of their game because they’ve developed something remarkable.  These Replay High Waist Skinny Fit Touch Jeans in Military Green are made up of a patented fabric which guarantees inside out smoothness with no creases at the Knees or bottom during movements. Sounds exciting, right?! It is!   Its 10oz. modal denim is 11%cotton, 4%polyester, 2% Elastane and lends itself to a beautiful soft, rich hand without being too heavy or too light. And you best believe the stretch and control factor is there!  I’ve worn my fair share of power stretch denim so I know what I like and don’t like, and I’ve never been a fan of the thin gummy fabrications that lacked the “control” and looked like they had melted off my butt by the end of the day. You don’t need to worry about that with Replays Touch Jeans. I was completely at ease while wearing these jeans, it’s as if I was walking around town in my leggings, and you know us girls love our leggings! So feel free to dance, squat, and karate kick in ’em! They are that comfortable- but oh-so stylish! The delicate detailing consists of a Rose gold tack Button and a matching single rivet placed at the front right pocket edge. This rose gold detail is so chic and blogger worthy and the  beautiful white embossed leather patch made it even more sophisticated.

REPLAY High Waist Skinny Fit Touch Jeans in Military Green Review - full back viewNow to decide on the size, fit and color: I first took my measurements down and used the size guide on their website. Being that I’m unfamiliar with the sizing of this European brand, I wanted to get the best possible fit. I’m 5’2 and usually wear a size 26; but in this case, I decided to get a 28” since it seemed to match more of my measurements. However, once I got these in and lived in them for a couple of days, I concluded that my size selection was a bit off. These are definitely true to size and my usual size 26’s would have been more ideal for me.

As usual, the length was an issue for me. I received the 32” inseam but noticed that there is an option on the website to select a shorter inseam of 30” so feel free to customize here. Because my sizing and length was a bit off, I did notice the extra fabric from the length bunching at my knees and there was a little extra around my hips as well, so make sure you order your correct size to be able to benefit from the fabric.  In my personal experience with Power-stretch denim, there has always been the creasing. Sometimes, it’s inevitable and natural for fabric to move, crease, and drape around glorious curves. Even though these jeans were just a tad big on me, it was way less creasing during my movements than that of other stretch jeans. When it comes to fit options, you are going to have a tough time here. Because Replay has a little something for everyone.

If you are not a fan of the Touch high rise being reviewed here, there are 3 other fit options: Super High Waist, Low Waist, & Cropped. Each of these fits is available in those traditional lights to medium and dark blue hues; but for the sake of spring and the “newness” I’d strongly recommend trying out the Pink, Electric Blue, or Military Green. These colors are fun, easy to wear, and I know this beautiful rich Military Green color will pair well with everything I already own! Good Luck picking just one!

“You are different, we all are different”, and Replay strongly believes in that, and I believe that REPLAY’s High Waist Skinny Fit Touch Jeans are an excellent representation of their history and knowledge. The delicate rose gold hardware touches is chic and sophisticated and definitely “blogger” worthy.   You can buy REPLAY’s High Waist Skinny Fit Touch Jeans in Military Green color here!


  1. I like the color.

    Nice of you to include size information. As I understand it, one has to order one size down after matching their real measurements on the size chart. In the pictures above, the jeans look like they could not go down a size. Maybe the pictures were taken before they were worn for a couple of days?

    Since we can’t go by the size chart, how would you say the fit compares to Frame le skinny jeans?

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