hi rise jeans

A happily smiling Selena Gomez was photographed wearing a pair of really high-waisted jeans as she was leaving a tattoo parlor in Malibu. Matching her obviously happy mood, she chose a bright yellow cropped t-shirt to go with her jeans and the whole outfit looks very spring appropriate.

High-waisted and exposed buttons jeans – thought this vintage style wouldn’t come back? Think again. Selena made a serious case for this sexy retro style.

There is just one problem with this outfit. The legs of Selena’s jeans are a straight cut, and not a skinny. And Selena tucked them into her shiny black booties which is an absolute NO-NO! Don’t ever even think about tucking anything but super skinnies into any kind of boots, be it ankle, mid-calf, or over-the knee styles.

You can buy exposed button jeans from McGuire, Pistola, and Hudson.

black jeans


  1. These jeans look great from the front and she’s wearing the right size. I would try them on if I knew who made them. Her hair and shirt are a mistake. The boots and boot tuck look great. The sloppy boot tuck is a trend in LA and I like it and wear it. These boots are very star trek. I have been looking for leather free like this.

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