jeans with details
Missguided Eyelet Detail Straight Leg Jeans

Because sometimes we have to escape a bit from basic and rigid and vintage….. we need some fun stuff in our denim closet, too. But I am like, if I buy a super trendy, highly fashionable item, it’s gotta be priced reasonably. How often am I going to wear it, not often enough. And for how many seasons, probably only one or tow max.

That’s why I decided to play a bit on my computer and go denim hunting for outstanding and eye-catching pieces that won’t break my bank. Not an easy task, as I am not accustomed to this kind of denim LOL! But definitely worth the effort, as I found some insane denim for when you are in a playful mood, or want to “dress to impress” – in denim, of course!

Enjoy! And don’t forget to give us feedback about the ones you obsessed with 😉

bow jeans
ASOS Glamorous Relaxed Mom Jeans With Distressed Bows
fringe jeans
Topshop Embellished Hem Straight Leg Jeans
cropped jeans
True Religion Embellished Boyfriend Jeans
embroidered jeans
Joe’s Smith Embroidered Appliqué Crop Jeans
ruffle jeans
Mango Ruffle Jeans

Here’s one if you decide to really go for it and it’s worth an “investment” ($790) :

bow lace jeans
TU ES MON TRÉSOR Grosgrain Bow Embellished Jeans

Um… but if you want to REALLY splurge, go for these, a “mere” $5770:

embellished patchwork jeans
Roberto Cavalli Embellished high-rise flared jeans