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Vanessa Hudgens once again showed her love for vintage-inspired Bohemian outfits, sporting a pair of very interesting 70’s flares and an embroidered cropped peasant top.

Her jeans are quite unique, being that the upper part features a paper-bag style waist complete with a denim belt, two embossed stars on each side of the hips, and an extra seam running along the middle of the jeans’ legs. I am not so sure if I love these jeans, but for those of you who are vintage obsessed, there are quite a few interesting styles available at Etsy, check them out here.

I am actually very vintage denim obsessed, but only for “simple” and “no-frill” kind of jeans, like authentic old Levi’s or Lee’s, or Wrangler’s. Anything like extra seams, embossing, or – ugh no – denim belts, are not my style ever!

Also, I am not a fan of too flared jeans, unless you are a 6 feet tall, but I have to admit, the style somehow works for Vanessa here, who is actually pretty tiny at 5″1.

You can buy vintage, or, at least, vintage inspired, jeans here, here, and here.

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  1. I love these jeans, would like to know who makes them. Love the high waist, not to tight fitting.

    • they’re a pair of vintage 1970’s N’est Ce Pas? jeans – click on the Etsy link in the post and you will find similar ones there:-) happy you love!!

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