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High-fashion label Vetements posted photos of denim styles they’ve created with the classic brand Levi’s, and the pairs showcase zippers used as design details rather than purely for function. For instance, there are zippers running down the pant legs. Cool. But then, there’s also a zipper right down the center seam on the back of the jeans. So, when it’s unzipped, you’re showing off your bare butt cheeks. Perhaps not as cool, but I see what they were going for.

People online have a lot to say about these pants. The reviews seem to actually be pretty mixed. You either love this idea or you hate it. So, will you be rocking this interesting fashion item? Take a look at them for yourself, and you’ll know where you fall in the great denim debate instantly.

At any rate, before you come to any conclusion, you can check out this whole collection here.

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