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VICUNHA is taking part in the exhibitors’ innovation trail at Denim PV

Thursday, 27th April // 12:30pm // VICUNHA TEXTIL // Booth D3

VICUNHA EMPOWERMENT: Denim that works from day to night

Innovation: Thanks to innovative technical performances these fabrics will keep people fresh all day long, keep dry, and maintain the body temperature with a thermoregulation effect.

VICUNHA’s hi tech and hi performance fabrics Autumn/Winter 2018/19:

Using hi tech yarns from Nilit, the Brazilian denim specialist introduces three hi-tech fabrics with antibacterial, moisture wicking properties and temperature control.

Body fresh’ keeps you fresh throughout the day, preventing the growth of bacteria that causes body odor. Extremely resilient its antimicrobial properties last for at least 50 washes.

Aquarius’ with a high-performance yarn engineered to wick moisture away from the body, offers comfort to the wearer that assures a lifetime of effectiveness. The attributes are intrinsic in the fiber, and will not wash off the fabric.

Breeze’ helps maintain constant body temperature during and after physical performance and hot weather. Use of a special polymer creates soft touch and provides super ventilation.

These products are very important for the market, as finishing techniques push the boundaries and the consumer demands clothing that performs through the day not just in the gym.


The Tech innovation scene is accompanied by demonstrations throughout the show to give a better insight about these groundbreaking projects.

It i an area for new inspiration, dedicated to innovation and technology in service of creating new kinds of denim, corresponding to current needs and desires. Climatic performance and thermal activation, luminosity, augmented reality, robotics and connected technologies are well worth exploring to dream up the denim of tomorrow.


  1. I like the jump suit.

    Adding pesticides to clothing and shoes does not reduce odor. It does find a new market for pesticides, which are animal tested and environmentally harmful.

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