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Kick-off Autumn/Winter 2018/19
KINGPINS Amsterdam, 19th – 20th April,2017
DENIM PREMIÈRE VISION Paris, 26th – 27th April, 2017

VICUNHA focus on Performance

Thomas Dislich, Managing Director VICUNHA TEXTIL for Europe and Asia, initiates VICUNHA’s kick-off for Autumn/Winter 2018/19 with the upcoming shows KINGPINS Amsterdam and DENIM PREMIÈRE VISION Paris:

“This will be our second time at KINGPINS, and look forward to showing our new collection
to the best in the denim industry.

With our recently acquired showroom in Amsterdam we consider this show as the most directional, attended mostly by designers and creative heads of the business. With its focused but relaxed atmosphere this show offers one of the best opportunities to discuss business.

The denim days events and shops draw the key retailers to Amsterdam to seek inspiration for the coming season.

DENIM PREMIÈRE VISION continues to be important to us as is visited by many international buyers. The trend area always provides clear seasonal direction. With the added advantage of the premiere vintage market and denim masterclasses important information and direction will be the main focus.

DENIM PREMIÈRE VISION provides the space to do business and enable the pres to view the complete new collections.”

Developments & Highlights for Fall/Winter 2018/19:

Following the introduction of their temperature control denim last season, VICUNHA continues to expand on the theme and launches a selection of hi tech and hi performance fabrics. Using hi tech yarns from Nilit they introduce 3 hi tech fabrics with antibacterial, moisture wicking properties and temperature control:

‘BODY FRESH’ keeps you fresh throughout the day, preventing the growth of bacteria that causes body odor. Extremely resilient. its antimicrobial property last for at least 50 washes.

‘AQUARIUS’ with a high-performance yarn engineered to wick moisture away from the body, offers comfort to the wearer. The attributes are intrinsic in the fiber, and will not wash off the fabric.

‘BREEZE’ helps maintain constant body temperature during and after physical performance and hot weather. Use of a special polymer creates soft touch and provides super ventilation. This sector is very important for the market as finishing techniques push the boundaries and the consumer demands clothing that performs through the day not just in the gym.

ATHLEISURE complements the comfort and ease of wear. VICUNHA continues with a strong selection of products in various weaves and weights.

“The athleisurewear trend is definitely growing and we are always searching for new weave variations”, observes Thomas Dislich, Managing Director VICUNHA TEXTIL for Europe and Asia.

Hi Stretch and Bi Stretch continue to be extremely important. VICUNHA offers bi-stretches with higher elasticity and more vintage options. “This product is very much in demand and although the interest was initially for ladies we are also seeing this happening for menswear.”

VINTAGE AUTHENTICITY – Besides the performance collection, Vintage and Authenticity are a main game-player as well. Plain open weaves and characterful ring effects offer true authenticity for both men’s and women’s. Retro blues and darker dyes allow a multitude of wash effects and are perfect for looser silhouettes and retro looks. The heavier weights are aimed at more traditional menswear looks and fashion focused ladies wear.

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