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Today in funky fashion items that raise eyebrows we bring you a denim dress that is, well, no ordinary denim dress at all. You see, this particular dress is not only made from denim, as in the textile, but from denim — as in two pairs of actual jeans sewn into the shape of a dress.

The dress, which was made by 6397 designer is literally called “2 Jeans Dress” and has a hefty price tag of $445. The pairs of jeans themselves are distinct since one is a dark wash and the other is a medium blue hue, and the shapes of both former pants can be plainly seen hanging upside down in all their cut-up, stitched-together glory.

But what really makes this item stand out is the fact that elements of the former jeans, including the pockets, belt loops, zipper fly, and button closure, all stayed right where they are, apparently in order to give the wearer some control over an optional slit. “The original waistbands are left intact, with the closures forming adjustable slits at the front and back,” reads the description.

It’s a bold statement to say the least, and one we’re kind of thinking that won’t take off.

You can buy this really unique denim dress at Shopbop and at Barney’s.

Now, if you don’t really want to spend all tat loot on a dress, we feel you! Check out some other cute denim dresses here.

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  1. The model shows the dress nicely. It doesn’t flatter. The shape is well constructed, BUT the issue of weight, showcasing the knees and that armpit level streight across cut won’t flatter anyone.
    I would go back to the drawing board, skip the appearance of using pants to make the dress, and make an over the knee 2 tone denim cocoon dress with a crew neck and a comfortable drape out of light weight denim that has no faux distress, and 2 semi sheer but discreet indigo mesh stretch fabric panels for air conditioning and ease.

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