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Don’t we all despair sometimes when in front of our laptop and trying to buy some jeans?!

We, @Denimology so feel you! Therefore we are looking to find some useful advice from denim brands and will post their answers here.

Let us know what you think and if you found this helpful. We always love to (hear) read from our readers!

Andy Paltos and Sarah Gilsenan, the founders behind denim wear brand Rolla’s, started the brand to “shake up the traditional denim rule book.

“Rolla’s came to us out of working for large global denim brands and feeling that there lacked an Australian-based option out there,” says Gilsenan. “Australia has it’s own way of doing things, without the rules of the heritage brands, so that really appealed to us. We think Australians do a unique type of relaxed but sexy style, not too serious and rather effortless and simple.”

Where should we start when picking out the perfect pair of jeans?

“Think about what you need them for. Be realistic about what you need to get out of them – comfort, fashionability, day or night wear? It’s okay to buy a second pair of black skinnies if that’s ALL you wear!”

How should one approach buying denim online? Any tips?

“Know your size. Obviously you can either check this out on your current pair of jeans or make good use of the sizing charts online. Also take note of how the seller describes the fit of the jean; is it designed to be worn tight or loose? Seeing how it has been shot on the model is a good indicator of how it should look when worn in the correct size.”

How do you when you’ve found the perfect size?

“It should be comfortable. The best way is to look at the best fitting pair of jeans you currently own along with trying on a few in stores in advance to get a feel across the board. Jeans should generally be in line with your dress size – ie: if you are a size 10 in dresses, you should be that in jeans too, give or take half a size.”

Is there a universally flattering cut of jean?

“A higher rise serves to elongate the leg and hold in the tummy and create smoother lines which most women are happy about!”

What jean style should every woman own?

“A black skinny. A washed blue straight leg. I’m a denim designer, so sticking to just one is a hard ask!”

What trends should we be looking out for in denim this winter?

“Rigid denim. Rich dark blue and black stone washes, high rises, straight legs and seeing the crop flare emerge again.”

You can buy Rolla’s jeans at Revolve and at ASOS,


  1. Calling a size 25 a size 22 is considered true to size. Size charts are never accurate. Vanity sizing has given the country BDD. Buying online is a very long shot.

    I shop for denim at stores that sell the whole rage of sizes, such as Rag & Bone and Frame, instead of Bloomingdales, which doesn’t sell below size 24, no matter how big size 24 runs.

    Manufacturer fabric descriptions don’t provide accurate information about stretch direction or recovery. I can tell by playing with a stretch denim if I want to bother to try it on. Usually the answer is no.

    I’m not shy about trying on 10 pair of jeans and then looking elsewhere. Great jeans are hard to find. And once you do, it’s very hard to predict durability and what will happen to them over time or even by the end of the day. I regret a lot of denim purchases I made last year. Pieces that looked good until the end of day 1 or 2, when it’s too late for returns.

    Denim purchases really need to be scrutinized. Online just complicates the process. And returns are risky and time consuming.

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