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Candice Swanepoel Wearing a BLANKNYC Leather Jacket

Candice Swanepoel Wearing a BLANKNYC Leather Jacket

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Candice Swanepoel was out in New York City, wearing one of the BLANKNYC’s most rad leather jackets. It’s from last year’s collection and was called the “Evil Ways” – BLANKNC always comes up with such different and fun ways to name their clothes!

This leather baby has all the required biker jacket details, like zippers at the arms, shoulder epaulettes, and studs at the collar, as well as a zipper above the waistband on the back of the jacket. As you can imagine, this jacket is naturally all sold out, but check out a similar one here.

Candice wore the jacket layered over a black Givenchy Zip Hoodie, and completed her outfit with a pair of skinny black jeans and white leather Vans.

You can shop for BLANKNYC leather, as well as for faux leather jackets, on their website, at Bloomingdale’s, and on Amazon.

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  1. Leather is a bi-product of the meat industry, which, lets be real here…sadly isn’t going away anytime soon. Would you rather the skin be thrown out instead of made into something that is usable? Better to use the whole animal than be wasteful.

  2. I think these are some very quality jackets, I usually takes inspiration from you how you wear and it looks fabulous to me. Lisette, I dont mind wearing crazy things, but there is a line where its pushing it

  3. YAY – I love this – thank you for making my weekend, sarah!
    I guess I should do more inspiration posts, then…. 😉
    btw – BLANKNYC faux leather jackets are the best on the market, you cannot tell the difference just by looking at them, they look exactly like my real leather ones. I hate when a faux leather piece look cheap and cheesy 🙁

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