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Christopher Shannon conducted his 2017 Spring Summer Men’s Runway Catwalk Show during Men in UK United Kingdom hosted by the British Fashion Council. From the presentation, we selected some of the top fashion forward styles and our favorite pieces.

For Spring 2017, Shannon turned his attention to denim—you can’t get more extra-ordinary than that. After seasons experimenting with tech textiles, he said backstage, he wanted to get back to something more basic, in terms of fabric but certainly not design. Denim isn’t just a textile, but a loaded cultural talisman. Think of denim and you could wind up anywhere from James Dean to Elvis Presley to Jason Priestley, with a swerve into the machismo sexuality of Marky Mark in his Calvin Kleins.

Shannon did just about everything imaginable with denim, except what you’d expect. In four hues from palest chambray to deep indigo, he patched it into tightly fitted sweatsuits or cut it into generous track jackets, and made lots of pairs of jeans and jean-jackets that were worn to tatters about the crotch and rear or dissected with riveted buttons to detach into shorts or a bolero. A couple bristled with belt-loops, like a denim-fur hybrid. Mutation was an underlying theme, in the cotton T-shirts (a rare denim deviation) that, as models turned, revealed an entire additional garment dangling from the hemline as decoration, or via drawstrings weaving through seams to enable the wearer to distort and distend the clothes as they wish. Jeans came with layered waistbands and a hop-along wide-skinny-leg hybrid.

You can shop for Christopher Shannon pieces at Yoox and at Farfetch.

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  1. I hate this collection – except for one thing. By humiliating men the way that many collections humiliate women, I am now more sensitive to stupid fashion extremes that do nothing for the wearer. If these had been women on the runway, I would have been less sensitive to the visual insult and degradation, because it’s more common in women’s collections.

    True advancement and innovation in aesthetics are rare. That’s why classic clothes tend to refresh, even though they have been done over and over.

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