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Here’s some good news for those of you who missed out on last year’s denim edition of the Converse All Star’s.

They’re back in a more subtle and less colorful print as of this month. Fun to wear during all the festive activities happening this summer.

These Chucks are a also a good option if you want to add a certain “thrill” to an all black outfit. Not too shrill and neither too obvious, they add a cool laid-back vibe. I also think they’re pretty cute and will add a certain feminine touch to any “though guy” outfit of ripped and destructed denim.

They come in a low– and hi-top option and you can’t go wrong with this addition to your sneaker collection.

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  1. These are pretty cute & festive, and they can be machine washed. I don’t wear converse only because they aren’t shaped like healthy feet, so they squeeze the toes into a slant. If not for that, I would buy these.

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