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Cult of Individuality – S/S ’17 Men’s and Women’s Lookbook

Cult of Individuality – S/S ’17 Men’s and Women’s Lookbook

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Let’s talk a bit more about cult brand “Cult of Individuality” (no pun intended!) 馃槈

– a system of religious veneration and devotion
directed toward a particular figure or object.

– the quality or character of a particular
person or thing that distinguishes them from
others of the same kind, especially when
strongly marked.

鈥淛eansmith to the One鈥

Cult of Individuality is an anti-trend designer denim brand created by Ron Poisson. Preferred by rebellious women and men who buck the norm, the brand evokes a social movement in fashion defined by its signature style of rip and repair jeans with innovative washes. Since 2009, Cult of Individuality鈥檚 denim has stood out from the crowd, drawing legions of devotees with expanded wash and treatment driven collections that empower a lifestyle set to a soundtrack of bold, off-kilter and irreverent thinking.

This said – enjoy these images, let your imagination flow…… and then you can check out all the women’s denim here, and the men’s here.

distressed jeans

denim jackets

ripped jeans

white denim

jeans women

trashed jeans


  1. I might like the pink striped jacket, but the product is hidden. The products are very poorly shown here. I certainly would not seek out this brand just to find out what it makes. They had my attention for a minute and they wasted the minute.

  2. I love the wing jeans and the metallic moto. Is it just me or does one of the male models look like Br眉no?

    • seriously – I had quite a time trying to distinguish who’s the boy and who’s the girl LOL – that’s why I also said gender less. So more point for Cult for not “labeling” YASSSSS

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