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The Denim Expert Ltd (DEL), displayed their newest denim collection at the Kingpins show in Hong Kong from the 24th to the 25th of May, 2017, which took part at the Hong Kong Innocentre.

In this May edition of Kingpins Hong Kong, the DEL showcased their innovation for S/S 2018/19:

Comfort stretch indigo denim and blue cast denim, cotton green shaded denim, knitted black denim, and grey denim. Every product offered different shades and washes brought through multifarious innovative ways like grey wash finish with local hand abrasion, screen print artwork, maximum depth of color with an authentic worn appearance, greenish shade, hand finished, original black shade, and vintage grey wash among many others.

For trendy and fashionable finishing and perfect fits, the booth of Denim Expert Ltd is an exciting place for visitors at any expo across the world. The Kingpins Hong Kong was not an exception.

As special attractions, the Denim Expert displayed its regular fit jeans, tapered fit jeans in worn effect, slim fit jeans in screen print artwork, styled jogger tapered fit jeans in knitted black denim, styled slim fits, and skinny fits.


  1. How about some stretch denim that stretches evenly in all directions and snaps back no matter what positions you get into, or for how long, like a pair of zero compression lulu leggings does? Anyone who comes up with that and combines it with expert tailoring will have my business. So long as there are no whiskers and no “hand abrasion.” I \want some perfect, simple, reliable, durable performance denim.
    I also want some nice no-stretch, perfectly tailored denim that does not bag out, so I can know how the jeans will look at the end of the day and the end of the year. Also no whiskers and no “hand abraison.”
    I want no-non-sense denim. No false claims, no faux wash.

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