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Iggy Azalea Wearing Screaming Pink Jeggings

Iggy Azalea Wearing Screaming Pink Jeggings


Iggy Azalea was spotted at LAX in a pair of screaming pink jeggings. And ughhhh, I had so believed and wished that jeggings were a thing of the past!

Iggy paired her pink jegs with a lilac Supreme t-shirt and to complete her rather clownish look, she also added a purple and beige printed nylon bomber jacket. And to complete that¬†¬†look, she chose a pair of beige sock-booties…. oh, well ;-(

Jeggings are so not cool anymore, and doing them in such attention calling colors, and pairing them with more attention calling colors, ladies, let’s please fugget about it! But probably, it’s an ok outfit for a, well, rapper, um.

If you want to do colored jean, please do, by all means, but let them be jeans, and not some stretchy athleisurewear thingie that does nothing to enhance your body, especially your legs and butt.

Check out some really nice colored jeans from J Brand, True Religion, and Topshop.

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  1. The fabric isn’t great. It’s that stuff that doesn’t have any vertical stretch and forms rolls, like 95+% of all skinny jeans out there. It’s nor forming more rolls than many of the skinny jeans I have seen praised on Denimology. The fit is perfect. Not too tight. Not denim as girdle. She has the body for skinny jeans. The color choice is unusual and calls more attention to the skinny jeans than black or blue would. The angles of these pix are unusually forshortening. I’m not crazy about the bomber jacket/skinny jean combo, which really puts it all on display. I wouldn’t want this color for myself, but it works with the outfit. I like the wash much better than the faux fades with whiskers and highlights on the seat and thigh that we see everywhere. I hope the lips are not done with permenant filler. To me, that’s the outfitl killer. The jeans are just fine.

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