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Jennifer Lopez was spotted on the set of “Shades of Blue” in Queens in NYC, and she was wearing a pair of quite “interesting” jeans. Interesting, because we are so used to seeing Jennifer clad in super sexy clinging anything, including SUPER tight and even spray-on denim. So these jeans really got to me – on her!

I love them! They look like a pair of regular men’s jeans with big patch pockets in front, and a wide cuff-hem. You’d never look twice at any guy wearing them LOL!

But they look so adorable on Jennifer, even paired with some also very masculine black flat boots. The white top with the plunging neck-line and the grey coat add a certain kind of femininity to the whole look.

I think I am going to hit some men’s denim stores sometime soon! 😉

Meantime, here are a few good options for you if you like this look for a grungy day, or just because you can! Nudie, Mavi, and One Tuck. Remember to up-size when you get a pair of any men’s jean, at least 2 sizes.

Now, there is also an option to have these jeans almost custom-made for you from New York based brand, Todd Shelton. If you buy one of their jeans online, it gives you a lot of choices by asking you to define your body shape – an amazing concept, and we will be telling you more about this brand soon. Check it out here. Btw – the same goes for their women’s jeans.

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  1. This is the best I have seen Lopez look on denimology. I hate the faux fade whisker wash on these jeans, but I love the cut so much that if I knew who made them I would consider buying and dying. These jeans remind me of the stunning Tibi jeans on denimology a few months ago. The camisole and push up bra and puffy hair are tacky. I like this length hair on her, though. I like a long jacket but this one is strange in the shoulders. The jacket almost looks like it’s a dropped shoulder with shoulder pads at her natural shoulders. It’s just not cut right.

  2. PS.I like the Shelton men’s black jeans and their white jeans. Not a fan of the way they do contrast stitching on the blue denim.
    I notice the men’s jeans have a smallest size of 28 and the woman’s smallest size is 24.
    I like the concept of the a-line t and the gray skinny jeans.
    I read mention of “Japanese stretch denim”, I wonder if this denim stretches evenly in every direction, including up and down, which would not cause horizontal folds.

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