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Justin Timberlake hit the streets of New York in Soho with son, Silas, for a father-son bonding day out.
He wore a pair of relaxed light blue jeans with distressing but no open rips. The style of the jeans is a relaxed straight leg, a very favorite among lots of guys.

Justin paired his jeans with an orange nylon bomber jacket layered over a grey t-shirt and completed hi outfit with a baseball cap and a pair of white leather Adidas Stan Smith sneakers.

The relaxed denim style is favored among lots of you guys, you can buy them from One Teaspoon on sale now for $75, Rollas, and Buffalo.

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  1. This is the uniform. You can see the same jeans on several other men in the background. It’s a pretty good uniform. The whiskers exaggerate his chunkiness. I don’t recommend this wash and these rips. Too typical and the details don’t help the jeans. Plain is better.

    He’s out for fun, not out to make a fashion statement, which is a huge improvement over every other picture I’ve ever seen of him. He looks likeable and focused on his son here. Living life. Very nice.

    Now I feel bad for him that he can’t go out without having thousands of people comment. Especially since it’s his lack of self consciousness that appeals in the picture.

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