knee rip jeans

Oh man, this is Kate Hudson at JFK airport actually, and not on a stage doing some Rock’N Roll show LOL!

Or maybe she did wear these totally 70’s ripped and embroidered jeans to some festival and decided to keep on wearing them for her flight?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

These very far-out (ok, we’re using a 70’s expression as well) jeans are like, totally embroidered, they have a huge hole on both knees and an exposed button fly, patch pockets and are the lowest possible of low rise ! Yeah, I totally do love ’em! They’re wild! And it’s always so refreshing to see something soย out of the “norm”ย in any boring airport anyway, a great juxtaposition to all the starkness at the airports nowadays.

Only one thing, Kate, you should’ve lost those rubber flip-flops at the festival, or wherever, and worn a pair of rad sneakers maybe, or some platforms…. So you only get our 4 stars instead of 5.

You can purchase the One Teaspoon Le Cats jeans (why cats and not Le Flowers jeans, One Teaspoon???) at Luisaviaroma. They come in shorts as well, totally adorable!

Check out some other ripped and embroidered bad boys from House of Holland, Missguided, and BLANKNYC.

embroidered jeans


  1. She looks awesome. The outfit is flawless, despite the wacky jeans that few could pull off. Flip flops are the best shoes for the airport and they work perfectly with the outfit. This is an outfit that pays attention to function, ease and practicality, in addition to being crazy.

  2. I miss seeing Kate’s outfits! I love the jeans they make a great statement while still being comfortable for a flight.

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