skinny cropped jeans

It’s a really weird looking Kim Kardashian here – did she add some pads to her hips? We know about her “out”-standing butt, but I these hips?

Anyway, I guess that the bathing suit like top with the white stripe on the sides also adds to the optical illusion of having extra-XXL-large hips.

This time Kim really nailed it on the very negative side. If you are wider on the hips and have an extremely small waist, stay away from wearing super skinny mid-rise jeans with any kind of clinging or very fitted top, like a body suit.

It always looks much more proportional if you add a slouchier or even a very oversized top.

Her jeans are a pair of black Levi’s skinnies, and her stiletto lace-up booties are, of course sold out!, Yeezy Season 4 Lace Up Suede Boot True Onyx.


  1. This family love to over eat, get lipo and inject it back. Horrible combination of BDD, too much money, being paid to be freaks, and plastic surgeons that will do anything for money. No need to give wardrobe advice for a body like this, because anyone who does this to themselves is trying to look like a freak, but I don’t think a higher or lower rise would have worked here, either. Low rise just widens the hips and higher rise would just further distort what she has done to herself.

    • I thought at first that it was a cheesy store -window mannequin before I realized it was actually KK – somehow makes me feel sad to see this kind of distortion 🙁

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