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Lily-Rose Depp in Super Skinny Stretch Jeans

Lily-Rose Depp in Super Skinny Stretch Jeans

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Lily-Rose Depp looked adorable as always, stepping out for lunch in Los Angeles.
As you all know, she is the Chanel spokeswomen, but she might as well be a “denim spokeswoman”!

She rocked a pair of skinny jeans with a rip on the knee of one leg, paired with a navy blue military style jacket and hi-top white leather sneakers.

No matter what everybody and all the online sites may tell you, skinny jeans are not going away. And there is always a new and interesting pair out there to add to our denim collection!Check out some cool ones here and here.

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  1. Her friend looked so much cuter in her outfit. Love how these black jeans fit her, the legnth, striped socks, the whole thing looks fresh and understated. Depps skinny jeans have that dark splotch in the crotch and nothing original about them. Of course, she makes them look good. At least from the front. We all know skinny jeans are not going away. We’re all just desperately experimenting with other jeans because there are so few good skinny jeans, and because so few people look good in skinny jeans. When skinny jeans go wrong, they are a disiaster because the spotlight of any skinny jean outfit is the skinny jeans. Here, we see that fuller jeans worn a bit loose add no visual bulk to the perceived size of the wearer. This is a good style to emulate for many figures, and gives us all a nice break from the putting it all on display look of skinny jeans.

  2. Lilly rose looks amazingly gorgeous in those jeans she’s beautiful and they fit her perfect and let’s not forget that she’s not alone here she has a friend she also looks amazingly beautiful love jeans all the way.

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