double denim

Margot Robbie was out in Venice, California, enjoying a balmy pre-summer day.

She wore a pair of black ripped and distressed denim cut-offs paired with an oversized light blue, almost bleached, chambray denim shirt, and black Birkenstock sandals.

Her denim shorts are the One Teaspoon Black Panther Bandits – seems that this summer is going to be another “One Teaspoon denim shorts summer” – remember how they rocked all over on everybody last summer!?!

So to complete your summer wardrobe, make sure to include at least one pair of short shorts, ripped, distressed, and frayed, like the One Teaspoon’s, as well as the newest style, which is a cut-off bermuda.

denim shorts


  1. I love washed black denim and she has great legs, but I’m not a fan of super short shorts on anyone. Thankfully we aren’t seeing the back, which I would guess is cheeky, based on the front. Her legs would look as great in shorts that don’t beg for attention. Despite how well pulled together the rest of her outfit is, longer shorts would make her look like a more appealing person.

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