dark blue jeans

Mariah Carey was out for dinner at LA’s Nobu, wearing a pair of skin-tight dark blue jeans. She wore them paired with a black bodysuit featuring a very plunging neckline and a black leather biker jacket.

Mariah completed her look with black platform sandals and a black leather Gucci belt.

Well, she probably looks okay for a rockstar, but I’d say for us “normal” human beings, this look would be a bit like trying too hard. Too much cleavage, too much skintight and adding platform sandals with high heels…..oh well!

At any rate, the jeans do fit her well, enhancing her very feminine curves, even though they have a bit too much of fake fading around the front of the hips. The back pockets of the jeans are perfectly proportional and well placed.

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  1. For Carey, this is a good outfit compared to usual. But, the jeans look like sausage casings. She’s out of shape and wearing an outfit that exaggerates that and puts it on display. On the other hand, this outfit would be bad taste even on a ballerina. It’s just TMI. A minor detail, white stitching on dark denim just draws the eye more to the areas where the stitching is, such as back pockets. Looks like she and her friend shop and manicure in the same places. Tacky.

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