front seam jeans

An almost lady-like Miley Cyrus – who would’ve thought!! She was out with boyfriend/fiance Liam Hemsworth, arriving at the Ace Hotel in LA to attend the “Flaming Lips” show.

She was dressed in a double denim outfit, actually, we can say triple denim, if you take her denim Chanel bag into account!

Miley wore a pair of skinny jeans with a seam along the whole front of the legs and a light-weight denim coat. She added a white t-shirt, knotted at the waist and that skinny scarf which totally transformed her outfit into something reminding us of the good west! Actually, pretty amazing how a tiny accessory like this can categorize an outfit!

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denim coats


  1. She’s beautiful. I would love to give her a makeover. The hair is way too wide. The jeans look strained in the body/crotch, the zipper is flaring at the top, then the front seams and whiskers add volume and do nothing for the shape of her legs. Interesting concept, but not well executed. The neckerchief is lame. The tied tee makes her body look boxy. The jacket and boots are great and her skin looks amazing. We should all be so lucky to look this good, but the jeans and tied tee are doing her no favors. I hope that’s just gloss & lip liner and not injections. Her face is ideal and should not be tweaked!

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