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Parker Smith Featured in InStyle Again!

Parker Smith Featured in InStyle Again!

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Parker Smith was featured in the InStyle magazine and we are stoked! We have been a huge fan of the brand almost since their very beginning and are delighted about all the love they are receiving from fashion editors, and, obviously, from a lot of celebrities.

We asked Parker Smith about this awesome feature:

“We were the ONLY brand to be featured TWICE in Instyle’s 10 Celebrity Approved Skinny Jeans with Jessica Biel in the Bombshell Skinny in Noir, and Lucy Hale in the Bombshell Skinny in Gulfstream. The celebs just love our ultra high rise Bombshell!”

What better reason than this to try on a pair right now. We love their jeans, their skinnies are really something else and if you are looking for stretch denim that doesn’t bag or get out of shape, look o further!

You can shop for Parker Smith jeans at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and on the PS website.

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  1. I like the picture of Lucy Hale. The eased up skinny fit and the length look good. I don’t like the faux fade highlight down the front of the leg. They remind me of that Woody Allen joke about giving him the illusion of 3 dimensions. None of these pictures show us how these jeans fit the wearer in the back. Unless one is heavy, tall, in the wrong size or wearing the wrong rise, finding skinny jeans that look good from the front is easy.

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