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As the red carpet officially opened up this past Monday night at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Costume Institute, Pharrell Williams and Helen Lasichanh started the fashion party early with their looks.

Pharrell stepped out wearing ripped Comme des Garçons jeans, a studded leather jacket and a red and white plaid flannel. And as it turns out, he totally nailed it.

As for Helen, she followed the theme exceptionally with a Comme des Garçons look from Rei Kawakubo’s Fall 2017 collection. And even though we’re only telling you about denim here, I can’t help myself – this is the most awful thing called a jumpsuit I have seen since maybe Carnival in Venice LOL! Imagine, this “concoction”  has no sleeve opening – what if the poor woman wants to refresh her lipstick?

It’s a red, pillowy, ankle-length jumpsuit by Comme des Garcons — whose creative director, Rei Kawakubo, was being honored at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s annual event.

Sewn with pink fabric accents to look as if her arms were tucked into her pockets, the avant garde piece was a bold choice for Helen. Bold – nahhh, rather ridiculous, she made poor Pharrell look like a shrimp standing next to her! 🙁

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  1. Neither of them look good, but I guess it was a costume party and they are both wearing pretend clothes.

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