denim overalls

Rita Ora was photographed as she was headed to the BBC Radio One’s studios. She was wearing very unflattering wide leg denim overalls with an oversized black t-shirt underneath, really Rita! What happened to your sense of style?

On the other hand, those so-not-sexy overalls are maybe just a playful piece to keep you going. Sometimes, it’s not about being glam, it’s about being comfortable and fashion-forward.

But still, being Rita, she added a glamorous (?) big black velvet ribbon to her hair and completed her look with a pair of black Louboutin booties.

If you are into wide leg denim overalls, there are some pretty ones available that won’t make you look frumpy and unproportional. Check out these from AG and 3×1.

wide leg jeans


  1. The front is OK, sort of. These overalls fit only in the seat. making her look instantly dumpy, especially after the dropped crotch view in the front. I don’t even know how that’s possible. The tee is great. I love simple pieces. The bow is frightening, like Betty Davis. The hair isn’t working in any case. I don’t mind the two tone, but it needs to come off to the shoulder.

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