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Sofia Richie in Totally Destructed Skinny Jeans

Sofia Richie in Totally Destructed Skinny Jeans

destructed jeans

And here is another one of Sofia’s ripped denim outfits! This time she wore a pair of totally destructed (front AND back) light blue jeans, more holes and rips than actual denim LOL! Frayed hems, butt-rips, knee holes – all there! It’s cute, but I don’t believe it’s a pair of jeans just anyone would be able to carry off.

She paired them with an oversized white sweatshirt from the Adidas X Alexander Wang colab, a pair of black Adidas sock sneakers, and a black beanie from White + Warren.

You can shop for ripped jeans here and here. Note that most of these jeans do not come so very extremely ripped as Sofia’s jeans here, you will have to DIY!

butt rip jeans


  1. These jeans look great on her. Very flattering. The slashes are in just the right places to flatter her. Except for the one right on the cheek in back, that one could have been skipped. I wish I knew who made these jeans. I’d like to try them. Great cut. I assume the slashes were custom done for her. The proportions of this outfit are perfect on her. With sandals, I think she would do better with a lower hem.

  2. A hot look. Looks like real “un-manufactured” wear. When denim degrades to this state, it happens in both the front and the rear. If it’s only in the front, then either it’s fake, or the wearer never sits down…

  3. The slashes are obviously slashes as decoration, therefore “fake”. But so what? They’re well done. These are not skinny jeans. They flawlessly skim the body. I would buy these jeans, slashed, but I would prefer to buy them unslashed. If you find out who made them, please post.

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