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We won’t bore you by revisiting the whole when-is-it-okay-to-wear-white debate because, well, the debate’s over, and it’s final: White is seasonally agnostic. Yep, it’s fine to wear white literally any day, any month, before or after every calendar holiday. In fact, you can wear an all-white poplin dress, a pleated white skirt, and, yes, white jeans—all year round. More about that last one though: Even if, like us, you wore your pair proudly all winter long, that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t welcome a little refresh on the best ways to style white jeans in the summer, right?

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lace-up jeans

low rise white jeans

flare jeans

jodhpur jeans

elastic waistband jeans

white knee hole jeans

white boyfriend jeans

white skinny ripped jeans

cropped white jeans

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  1. Its hard to find flattering white denim. Here we have a mix of denim and other fabrics. Pix 3, 4, 5 and 9 are flattering.
    In the bottom picture, we see that when the cotton starts to loose shape and form to the body, it forms an unflattering shape.
    The skinny white jeans are good for what they are, but show the strain of being stretched over her body, thus not looking sleek.
    The white skirt over pants and white creepers outfit is cute so long as you have a small backside. Looks great on her. This is my fave outfit of the group and the one I would want for myself.
    The girl with the black coat needs the cropped top to show us that she has a sleek body because the white jeans are exaggerating her body. No-stretch denim often doesn’t work as it starts to change shape with wear, which can start to happen in hours after putting on.
    I can’t really see details in the knee rip jeans so I don’t know if they work or not, but the high heels and strained feet ruin the outfit.
    The parachute pants with the green coat are unflattering. The parachute pants with the ruffled top are part of a costume and they work for the costume. They might also work with flats and a slim tee shirt. The sleek midsection shows off the body well. It’s important to wear such pants with the waistband comfortable, as shown, not overly tight.
    The bulges in the stomach area ruin the look in the top picture. I like the legs.
    The side laces on the white jeans are ugly.
    The drape and fit of the pants in picture 4 and 3 makes them the best. Although I don’t like pleats, the pants in picture 4 are the most flattering of the group.

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