Parker Smith Bombshell Skinny in Noir

There is absolutely no gaping at the waist – totally formfitting!

In the maze of all the distressing, destructing, trashing, and barely held together jeans, my inner self-preservation voice tells me to give it a break, and I am listening.

Right now I am giving all the above-mentioned some time off and going to the “opposition”. I have received a couple of outstanding black jeans from some brands, no fading, or artificial ripping, just plain good old black. Of course, the styles are super on trend and edgy, and, you know what – absolutely attention calling. Wherever I go, people comment on my dark and stark black jeans, as opposed to when I was wearing my trashiest jeans like everybody else! Go figure!

We did some more researches on the web, as well as in showrooms, and came up with some pretty good options for un-adulterated, I could even say, virgin, black jeans in different styles and are quite curious about what you think!

RE/DONE Originals High Rise Ankle Crop

As opposed to all the vintage non-stretch RE/DONE’s, these do have some stretch but they are very sturdy and have a real vintage-feel

Williamsburg Garment Factory Black Denim High Waisted American Made Jeans – UNION AVE

Looks like real denim, feels like real denim, IS real denim, and has the comfort of some stretch

Madewell High Rise Skinny Jean

Very soft stretch-denim

black jeans
Calvin Rucker True Hearts Zip Crop

The zipper on the legs totally does it for us

Cheap Monday Kick Spray

Playful and flirty


Stark, “though”, and to the point

M.I.H JEANS Bodycon mid-rise skinny jeans

Made with M.i.H Power Stretch denim that absolutely holds your stuff together and guaranteed no bagging

L’AGENCE Loulou Mid-Rise Skinny Pants

Extremely comfortable, super sexy fitting, made of a French Terry and stays tight wear after wear


  1. Of the mentioned jeans, one had a very good rear view: TRUE HEARTS ZIP CROP JEAN CALVIN RUCKER This is a modest but low rise jean with large, low back pockets. Wearing this skinny, sized slightly loose would be great and nonchalant on a fit person without mid section issues. I would have ordered a pair to try on, except that jeans cropped shorter than 28″ look really bad on me. So I looked for more from this brand and was surprised and disappointed by the back view on these jeans GET DOWN ON IT JEAN CALVIN RUCKER. Both pair seem to have the same cut in the body and fabric, so I assume the great look of the True Hearts came down to lighting.

    The concept of the True Hearts jean is great, and it would be the holy grail of black denim jeans in a fabric that evenly stretches in all directions, including up and down, to avoid folds that create figure flaws. They would look good with a higher rise, too, just not with a belly button high rise.

    People that want “their stuff held in” in skinny jeans should instead wear another type of expertly cut jean that glosses over instead of hugging and exaggerating their figure flaws. Denim as girdle is a marketing myth. If skinny jeans are TMI, just change styles and certainly avoid high small pockets, which, in clear pictures, you can see don’t even look good on the models. Just look at the back view of the Get Down on It Jean. No one should pay to look like that from the back.

    Good for Revolve for showing somewhat clear pictures. Web sites that show blurry or dimly lit, low resolution or odd angle pictures are of course trying to get us to buy without looking.

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