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The Next New Denim Trend – Skater Jeans for Women ? ! ?

The Next New Denim Trend – Skater Jeans for Women ? ! ?

skater jeans

Actually, what inspired me for researching bout skater jeans, was this Instagram image of Sofia Richie in her streetstyle look snapped in Tokyo. I have come across this kind of jeans on and off for a couple of seasons now and I am pretty sure that they will “speak” to some of the younger denim lovers. Because it’s not a style I would imagine everybody adapting and raving about.

But here, @Denimology, we want to reach out to all kinds of denim lovers, so if you hate this look just click on the next post and be indulgent!

We can all agree that stretchy skinny jeans aren’t inspiring anymore. Vintage-style jeans are returning full force as a modern classic, embroidered denim works for all ages, and cropped kick flares are the shortcut to a flattering weekend look – but what’s next?

Meet the skater jean – a roomy, high-waisted cut with zero-stretch, and added slouch. Unlike the ankle-skimming, figure hugging jeans we’ve grown used to in recent years, the skater silhouette is extra-long, pooling over spiky stiletto pumps, or chunky platforms.

Easy, right? Baggy, 100% cotton denim is now the calling card of a new generation of denim connoisseurs. Catwalk inspiration comes courtesy of Stella McCartney, proof that the attitudinal Nineties shape flatters grown-up women (see image below).

The secret is to buy one size up for an androgynous fit. You can find some cool skater jeans at ASOS, Marques’ Almeida has a rad pair on the more “sophisticated” side, and Levi’s has a modernized vintage-kind one – totally HOT!


  1. I love the Stella McKartney outfit (except for the too long length, which looks stupid) and the ASOS jeans. Hate the way the ASOS jeans are styled. I would cut these jeans off at just the right place,and wear with a simple top and cute, comfortable shoes. I love the McKartney top because it shows off her shape without looking slutty. And because it is not derivative of skater style.

    The long low pockets and wide legs are flattering to physically fit people who aren’t more than 15 lbs above their best weight. If you are especially lean, don’t size up to the point of being swallowed up by the jeans.

    Avoid back pockets like this… https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/bdg-skate-high-rise-jean?adpos=1o2&cm_mmc=SEM-_-Google-_-PLA-_-219650723824_condition_new_product_type_w_product_type_app&color=092&creative=107598125944&device=c&gclid=CJuZqI-p1NMCFViRfgodZrIDLQ&matchtype=&network=g&product_id=41816539%20092%202600

  2. I was too old to appreciate the 90s super low baggy drop crotch knees at your ankles skater look. Not at all flattering. But the rebel attitude “gonna wear what my parents wouldn’t dare to wear” was kinda hot.

    Yeah, íf you’re going to wear such huge jeans, the back pockets must be proportionally huge and audacious.

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