vintage jeans

Vanessa Hudgens does have such a good “nose” for vintage vibe jeans – check her out here. She was spotted a couple of weeks ago, while she still had her wild mane of hair, in these super cool flare jeans from Stoned Immaculate, the Annie Wide Leg, jean paired with the Feminist Ringer tee from the same brand.

These jeans are so flared, they could almost be called wide leg, just that they are very fitted on the upper part. Actually the upper part could have been cut a bit better, the zipper fly is too high up…. but I guess this is part of being a vintage style.

I love the contrast stitch seam that runs along the front of the legs starting at the middle of the hips. This kind of seam instantly makes you look taller and also slims down the legs.

Jeans like these are not easy to find, but there are some great ones available at Etsy, and if you get lucky there, you might even score a real pair of vintage denim.

If you are looking just for flare jeans – in a modern style, check out some options from Mavi, The Great (these do have a vintage vibe), and, of course, the Dittos!

wide leg jeans


  1. SUPER tight crotch, short fly and seams that accentuate it.

    The shape of the legs is good, but these jeans should not be worn.

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