Thomas Dislich, Managing Director of Vicunha for Europe and Asia noted that while many companies in Europe have limited their travel which has resulted in reduced attendance at expositions, Vicunha still maintains a very strong position in the exposition world. He also noted that Asia has continued to grow and remains an extremely important market for them.

Mr. Dislich pointed out that Vicunha has a very broad spectrum of products to offer. They compete strongly in high-volume, mass-market products because of their ability to provide unquestionable quality assurance and consistency. At the same time, Vicunha offers innovative products where the prices are higher but competitive in their respective markets. Most importantly, across all product lines, Vicunha’s focus remains solidly on sustainability. Many European retailers have high sustainability targets to meet by 2020. Here Vicunha is better placed than its competitors with 100% of its product range coming with BCI certification. Vicunha recycles its own cotton in-house so there are no surcharges to absorb. They create zero landfill with full transparency and are carbon neutral to boot!