It’s that kind of season – not warm enough, yet, to totally skip a jacket, but not cold enough anymore to go “heavy”. As we all (or at least, most of us) already own like half a dozen trucker jackets from way long ago, it’s time to add something new and exciting to our denim racks.

Biker and motorcycle leather jackets have been en vogue at least since James Dean and Marlon Brando, and are a stronger than ever presence still. Edgy, cool, fun, and easy – what more can you ask for. Denim biker jackets are a good choice as well, when it’s not too chilly out.

We’ve rounded up some great choices for the ladies here, and dudes, stay tuned, you will find your choice of cool jackets right here ASAP, like: ladies first, please!  🙂

Missguided Distressed Denim Biker Jacket
ASOS Ultimate Leather Biker Jacket with Diamond Quilting and Stud Detail
BLANKNYC Leather Jacket in Gum Drop
Diesel Biker Denim Jacket
Reba Moto/Biker Denim Jacket
Anine Bing Leather Biker Jacket
River Island Silver faux leather studded biker jacket
Boohoo Belted Faux Leather Biker Jacket


  1. The only fresh, special look is the boohoo jacket. The reason people wear this length jacket with a longer shirt is because the jacket length is unflattering to most bodies. And then there is also the issue of blatantly wearing slaughterhouse products which would disgust any ethical person.

  2. Gaia, we all know by now how you feel about leather, but can you please also respect that not everybody thinks like you and everybody is entitled to his/her very own opinion and point of view :-).

    • Things like “disgust any ethical person” or “Wearing leather sends an ugly message about the person wearing it”…no wonder so many people don’t want to listen to animal rights activists. So insulting, especially when those who do wear leather or eat meat would otherwise have respect for another person’s personal choices.

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