Celebrate the 4-year anniversary of the Hope Street jeans and SAVE $44 OFF over the next 4 days

Says Maurice Malone, owner and creator of WGF:

“Seeing former President Obama back from vacation and speaking was a reminder that it’s been four years this month since our first American made jeans hit the market. Inspired by President Obama’s call for U.S. based companies to make more products here in the U.S.A., lead to the launch of our first American made jeans (Hope Street) in May 2013. The success of that jean lead us to move all clothing production from China to the U.S.A. shortly thereafter.

To celebrate the 4-year anniversary of the Hope Street, for the next 4 days, save $44 OFF. That’s only $80 for the rigid model and $92 for the stretch version. The sale also includes long 38″ inseam models. Our lowest sales price ever!

Thank you, President Obama, for help inspiring the next great American denim brand.”


  1. Nice to see a company that’s not doing rips and faux. It would help sales to show these jeans paper doll style on the same model, in the same light and 3-4 angles.

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