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Y Project created detachable jeans that actually turn into booty shorts with just a few snaps and they are available at Opening Ceremony. What a time to be alive! I guess when it comes to fashion, you really can have it all.

The jeans look like light-washed, high-waisted mom jeans at first glance. But upon closer inspection, you’ll see that there’s a cutout in the front and back that actually un-buttons to convert into shorts.

If you want to nail two trends at once, it will cost you. In true Open Ceremony form, these two-in-one jeans are… drumroll, please… $425. That’s not exactly the most affordable, but, then again, these aren’t your average pair of pants. Something tells me that these won’t be the next big everyday trend anytime soon. There’s is a chance that some celebrities could rock them though.

You can also shop for Opening Ceremony pieces at SAKS, Shopbop, and at Yoox.

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If the bleached denim option isn’t for you, no fear! They actually come in black as well. Because, you know, the more options the better. Unfortunately, they are even more expensive than the other pair. You’ll have to pay $469 to get them in the dark wash.

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  1. These are very well tailored and if not for the detachable feature, I would want to buy them, although I would want them more if the pockets were larger and lower. The detachable detail is gross and unflattering, even on the model.

  2. omg these are so easy to rip off. One good tug, and your entire thigh and half your bum is exposed for all to see. Any man walking behind you can see half your bum anyway!!! DISGUSTING. You’re just giving pervs more to look at

    • LOL absolutely – these were not created thinking about you walking on streets. These were created to wear maybe in a club, private party…. 😉

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