WHOA WHOA WHOA. This is real. And. This is the hottest new thing since skinny jeans 😉

Before you decide to rock the fashion stunt piece of the moment that is the male romper, check out YouTuber QPark’s hilarious video test-driving his ridiculous “onesie” through the mean streets of New York City.

Park struts down the streets of three Big Apple neighborhoods wearing a denim version of this “stylish” singlet. His courageous trek begins way uptown in Washington Heights, where reactions were a mixed bag, but all totally hilarious.

One lady compliments him on his “nice-looking romper, but shortly afterwards two young men whip out their phones amid relentless cackling and scream, “What is wrong with you, son?!” while utterly losing their shit.

Ultimately, the guys admit that they like it, but then Park then stops in a Washington Heights barbershop. where he gets some of the unkindest cuts you’ll ever see.

Customers immediately begin taunting him (mostly in Spanish) with snaps like, “A real man doesn’t wear that,” “Look how stupid you look,” and our personal favorite, “From what planet did you come from?!”

Harlem treats Park better. There are a few double takes and laughs, but one woman really dug his romper. Like, a LOT.

“Sexy-ass shit!” she says. She even notes how the accentuates his manhood. “You got a nice piece there, too!”

Times Square is where our hero gets the most love. Without hesitation, one passerby runs over to Park and demands a photo. You’ve gotta see his reaction toward the end of the video above, dude’s head is about to explode.

Have a fun Sunday all!


  1. It’s good to see men dressed as fashion victims once in a while, because it’s hard to remain sensitive to female fashion victims, since they are everywhere. Most women shouldn’t wear rompers either, especially on the street in NYC, and no one should wear clothes that emphasize the crotch. While I’m on this subject, it’s very unappealing to dress like you’re trying to be sexy – it only attracts those who are looking for an easy target. There is a difference between trainwreck stares and admiration.
    Bright lights, a 3-way mirror and self-scrutiny are important, because once you leave home you will be scrutinized from all angles and regarded accordingly. Wear what actually flatters you.

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