denim sale
Jeff Bezos, the chief executive officer of Amazon, in Seattle.

This might just be the end of your dilemma of choosing the right size/style when buying your jeans, and don’t we totally love it!

As it has done before, Amazon has taken an emerging trend and brought it a step further towards customer satisfaction. In this case, Amazon has taken the box delivery model and enhanced it with better terms for its customers.

Amazon Wardrobe will let Prime customers choose from a minimum of 3 up to 15 garments to try on at home for free, shipping is also free both ways. Customers have seven days to decide what to keep and what to return. The more garments they keep the higher the discount they get on their purchase: 10% off if they keep 3 items, 20% off if they keep 5 items.

Similar online box services such as TrunkClub, FiveFourClub, and StitchFix, send only 5/6 items at the time, and the garments are chosen by an algorithm based on a style questionnaire filled up at subscription. Unlike these services, Amazon Wardrobe doesn’t require a subscription with a regular monthly delivery, its customers are free to decide what and when to order. Not all fashion items will be available for prime Wardrobe, but Amazon video announced that millions are going be included.

This project is still beta, but you can check out the Amazon website offering thousands of super cool denim brands right now and let us know how the Amazon Wardrobe thing worked out for you in “real” life!

The Box: Amazon Prime Wardrobe
The Cost: Depends on what items you keep. No upfront costs. Save 10% if you keep 3-4 items, 20% if you keep 5 or more.
The Products: Over a million clothing items will be eligible for Amazon Prime Wardrobe!
FYI – this isn’t a monthly subscription – it will only ship when you select items you want to try!