hi-rise jeans

Eva Mendes, who has been “invisible” for quite a while, is finally showing herself again, and she’s wearing a pair of very flattering skinny jeans.

Her jeans are a skinny high waisted style in a clean dark blue wash, and she wore them rolled up at the ankles – a look I had almost forgotten about. What with the biggest trend being now cut-off and frayed hems…. it’s really nice to see cuffs again!

Eva paired her jeans with a striped top layered underneath another striped shirt, thus showing us a rad way how to do “double stripes”!

You can buy high waisted skinny jeans at Net-A-Porter, Bloomingdale’s, and at Neiman Marcus.

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  1. This outfit is perfectly put together. Very inspiring. I love the tops, the color and shape of the bag, the color of the boots. I like that they are not overly high rise and she’s not wearing them too tight or belted.

    The jeans are not bad, but we’re only seeing them from the front, in images too blurry to evaluate the fabric, which does not appear to be rolling much. The whickering and leg fade are subtle but they add the illusion of bulk.

    This is a great outfit to imitate, with a pair of jeans that you know will look good on you from every angle, all day – not necessarily a skinny pair.

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